Fully Customizable

Complete set of administrative tools allowing you to manage all aspects of your evaluations. Create, edit, delete to your heart's content

Automatic Notifications

Determine when staff get notified when evaluations become available, when they become due and when signatures are required

Detailed Reporting

Generate reports detailing the status of submissions. No need for expert report writers. No need for Crystal Reports, SQL, etc. Utilize an intuitive report generation dashboard

Responsive Design

Intelligently designed for use on desktop computers, tablets and any sized screen. Works with all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer

Work Smart ... Not Hard
Intelligent Library Service

Access any and all previously created/used questions, sections through libraries that are intelligently created on-the-fly


Build questions that are used in evaluations without reinventing the wheel. SuiteVal automatically tracks and compiles questions you create preventing you from doing unnecessary work.


Maintain libraries of questions and sections (collections of questions) for future use. Easy to Review, Modify and/or Delete.


Create sections from the library of questions created by administrators. You can reuse questions and pair them with appropriate rating scales. Re-arrange questions on-the-fly


Configure evaluations that trigger on a date you set, automatically notify staff and weight your sections

Discover great administrative features

Top-notch tools for creating and managing all aspects of your organization's evaluations


Perfectly designed

Top-notch tools for managing your organization's evaluations. Design evaluations that meet your organization's every need and administer each evaluation seamlessly. Your administrative portal enables you to create and customize every component of your evaluation including ratings, questions and sections.

Trigger evaluations on a schedule such as annually

Design one-time evaluations such as after 90 days of hire date

Schedule notifications for evaluators and subordinates

Activate and deactivate evaluations at any time

Administrative Dashboard

More and more extra great feautres

Features for your every need


Perfectly designed

Design collections of questions that apply to only specific roles. SuiteVal intelligently determines which employees are presented with those questions


Paperless acknowledgments

Avoid printing paper copies by electronically signing evaluations. Control time frame within which signatures are required.


Real-Time Analysis

Generate up-to-the-second reports on any evaluations that reveal details on all aspects of your evaluations.


Fully descriptive

Create accounts for each employee, specifying department, role, location and more. Activate and deactivate accounts as needed

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